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Dumbledore-Harry Cropped

Life can find a way to consistently kick our collective ass. Whether it’s issues surrounding our relationships and workplaces, or whether our struggles are bigger and more cosmic (like “Is there Someone up there, and if so, what does He/She/It want from me?”), the fact is that there is no lack of daily challenges that we all have to face, ready or not.

For these reasons, mentoring is increasingly recognized as a helpful, healthy—and sometimes necessary—part of a person’s life.

As someone with 25 years under his belt of helping people navigate practical and spiritual difficulties—both informally and professionally, both here and abroad—and as someone who has experienced more than his own share of personal and religious struggle and transformation, Jason has gained a lot of insight into the human heart and what makes us tick.

If you are struggling with a specific challenge or are simply in need of a fresh set of ears,  message Jason today and find out more (you’ll be glad you did!).