As a lifelong public speaker, Jason has addressed crowds small and large both in the U.S. and abroad. Whether he is speaking to poor villagers in Africa, European university students, or American suburbanites, Jason has the unique ability to connect with audiences using his own combination of humor, insight, and provocative ideas, all presented in a clear and compelling way.

Whether you are a part of a religious society, an atheist club, or something in between, Jason will be a welcome addition to the roster of your event. Contact him now to inquire about dates and availability.

“The last time I heard Jason Stellman speak, 1,500 people erupted with a standing ovation. They knew what others are quickly learning, that Jason is a true gem. His many years as a preacher, his great erudition, his winsome humor, and his admirable courage and integrity make him the complete package. If you’re looking for a speaker to knock the ball out of the park, Jason’s your guy.” — Brandon Vogt, author, blogger, speaker

“Jason Stellman is a fantastic speaker and a man of great integrity whose journey has come at great cost to himself.  He is thoughtful, funny, and a serious thinker whom I am proud to call a friend.”  – Mark Shea, author