Jason is a Southern California native and former minister with a commitment to help people navigate the challenging terrain of spirituality in a postmodern culture.

Jason’s focus is working with those suffering from religious trauma (which can be defined as any event, relationship, or set of circumstances connected with religious belief or practice resulting in lasting adverse effects for those experiencing them).

In addition to religious trauma coaching Jason also offers spiritual direction and support to pastors and church leaders who are struggling with their faith (be it personally, theologically, or both), helping them discover a spiritual identity that is free of guilt and shame, one that is characterized by freedom, joy, and love. In a word, it is often through questioning established narratives and deconstructing inherited paradigms that we discover who we are and thereby become effective leaders.

Anything discussed or disclosed in sessions is completely confidential. 

Jason received his Religious Trauma Certification through the Global Center for Religious Research, and earned his Masters of Divinity from Westminster Seminary California. Jason served as a pastor in Calvary Chapel (1992 – 2000) and the Presbyterian Church in America (2004 – 2012), and as a missionary in Africa (1991 – 1992) and Europe (1994 – 2000).


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