Our Daily Dread: What Sin REALLY Means

(Disclaimer: This brief meditation is intended for those whom the religious establishment has written off as too fringe and misfitting to be considered welcome among the piously faithful. If you find yourself among the marginalized, by all means read on. But if you feel comfortable within American Christianity, perhaps it would be better to move […]

Letting the Tale Wag the Dogma

I’ve been doing a series of posts exploring the freedom one gains by unclenching a bit, epistemology-wise, and admitting that as Christians we should have more in common with the agnostic than we do either with the atheist who is certain God doesn’t exist or with the theist who is certain he does. I’d like […]

Slaves ‘n’ Gays

  In my last post I put forth the following suggestion: Perhaps the New Testament is not a frozen-in-time snapshot of what perfect morality should forever resemble, but instead just reveals a step in an ongoing trajectory that is moving increasingly toward the ideal of love of the other? I have been exploring the idea […]