Gen-XYL: Navigating the Tension

In western culture we have not only grown accustomed to dualisms of various kinds, but we seem to assume they are unavoidable. Whether we’re talking about the sacred and the secular, divinity and humanity, or the natural and the spiritual, we live in a society more characterized by either/ors than by both/ands. A Theology of […]

Gen-XYL: Introduction

Most readers will recognize the name Billy Idol, the ’80s-era singer of such tunes as “Rebel Yell,” “White Wedding,” and “Eyes Without a Face.” But what many don’t remember is that before he was a pop star he was a punker who fronted the band Generation X. Generation X (betcha didn’t know it was also […]

The Evangelical Lust for Power

While speaking with one of my mentoring clients recently it occurred to me that most evangelical Christians are incredibly tolerant. Of God, I mean. Indeed, the tolerance exhibited by the faithful toward God is virtually limitless. Can he lay waste to entire civilizations? Sure! Can he sanction rape and slavery? Why not? Can he orchestrate […]