Just a Bunch of Random Crap

random-number-generatorOK, a few random points. . . .

This evening your humble Drunk Ex-Pastors will record our fourth podcast. We have gotten suggestions from a handful of you about topics you’d like to hear us address, but there’s always room for more (and if we don’t get to your question or issue this week, we will eventually, I promise). Just go over to the podcast page and click the link beneath the main image and submit an audio recording telling us what’s on your mind).

Have you ever noticed that when girls hang out together in a group, they always choose friends with a similar body-type? Seriously, you never see a super athletic-looking girl cruising around with an overweight or  a skin-and-bones girl. It’s like some unwritten code, where if one of them goes through a drastic change in weight there’s the implicit threat of needing to find a new group of friends to hang around in public.

When it comes to popular, radio-type rock music, there hasn’t been that big of a change since the ’90s, whereas between the ’80s and ’90s the change was radical. Think about it: A song like “People are People” or “I Want a New Drug” would have sounded utterly dated if heard on mainstream radio in 1994, even if they were only ten years old. But 20 year-old songs like “Round Here” or “Sex and Candy” sound perfectly at home on the radio now; it’s like we only know they’re old because we remember them, not because of the style of the actual music.

Cigarettes smell objectively bad, but cigars smell objectively good. It’s weird that most people don’t have a sense of smell good enough to realize this. Plus, cigarette smoking is a manic and angry act, whereas as cigar-smoking is relaxing since it communicates that the smoker is simply in no hurry to get anywhere.

When it comes to professional sports that are dangerous and injury-causing, basketball is at the top of the list. And if you disagree with me you’re probably a racist.

As I argue below, all intersections should be patrolled by a traffic cop, or even a civilian trained for this. It would create millions of jobs, it would make drivers less likely to run a red light, and it would add a human element to the equation rather than having us continue to be dictated to by machines with no mind and no soul, thereby slowing the process of our becoming just like them.


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