Lucifer in 2016!

GOPDuring a recent episode of Drunk Ex-Pastors  I made the point that I would welcome a presidential candidate who made no claims to being religious, since then I might actually have someone I’d consider voting for. 

Think about it: If a candidate is an outspoken Christian he will almost certainly: (1) desire to defund as many state programs for the poor as possible; (2) turn away as many destitute people from our borders as he can, children included; (3) need the slimmest of reasons necessary before engaging in military action, action which will probably have some ulterior motive beyond the stated one; (4) fight against raising the minimum wage; (5) seek to deregulate corporations’ freedom to do whatever they want since they’re “people”; (6) deny climate change since it snowed this winter; (7) fight against reasonable gun legislation; and (8) be pro-Israel, period, full stop (possibly out of some delusional end-times sentiment involving the Rapture and Mark of the Beast).

What any of these issues has to do with Christianity is anyone’s guess, but here we are. In the same way that I can know that a guy with a beard and 9 kids hates Abraham Lincoln (look it up, it’s a thing), I can similarly know that the word “Jesus,” in the political sphere, is virtually synonymous with, well, all the crap that Jesus seemed to be clearly against.

It’s like a black fly in your Chardonnay. . . .