VATICAN’T (Catholicism Without All the Uplifting Parts): Week 3 — Quantum? I Barely Knew Him!

As I have stated, the purpose of this series is to integrate some of the spiritual and theological ideas I have been engaging with over the past several years with my own Cathol(ish)ism. In addition to things like religionless Christianity and radical theology I am also drawing from a rather unlikely source of inspiration: quantum […]

VATICAN’T (Catholicism Without All the Uplifting Parts): Week 2 — The Gospel According to Satan

My last post was the first in a series titled VATICAN’T: Catholicism Without All the Uplifting Parts in which, as I wrote, I’m attempting to “bring influences like divine nonviolence, religionless Christianity, quantum theory, and radical theology to bear upon Catholicism in an effort both to bolster its already-existing sacramental devotion to the physical world, as […]

VATICAN’T (Catholicism Without All the Uplifting Parts): Week 1 — Avoiding the Void

It’s no secret that I am an intellectually curious guy — to a fault, if my bank account is any indication. I am constantly pulling at provocative threads in an effort both to grow and to incorporate fresh ideas into my existing theological and spiritual framework. (I am currently reading Diarmuid O’Murchu’s Quantum Theology, and over […]