VATICAN’T (Catholicism Without All the Uplifting Parts): Week 2 — The Gospel According to Satan

My last post was the first in a series titled VATICAN’T: Catholicism Without All the Uplifting Parts in which, as I wrote, I’m attempting to “bring influences like divine nonviolence, religionless Christianity, quantum theory, and radical theology to bear upon Catholicism in an effort both to bolster its already-existing sacramental devotion to the physical world, as […]

The Departing Glory from a Rotten Church

Since receiving a set of Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s works for Christmas I have been doing some thinking. As you may know, Bonhoeffer was a German theologian executed by the Nazis toward the end of the Second World War, and one of his most important contributions has been his suggestion that what was needed in his own […]