Top Fifteen Albums of the Oh-Ohs



It was going to be a top-ten list, but I couldn’t whittle it down. And keep in mind, this is not intended to be a list of the greatest  albums of the decade, but of my personal favorites. With that said, here goes (in no particular order):


Hail to the Thief  (Radiohead)

Quiet is the New Loud  (The Kings of Convenience)

Chutes Too Narrow  (The Shins)

Our Ill Wills  (Shout Out Louds)

O  (Damien Rice)

Castaways and Cutouts  (The Decemberists)

Interpol  (Interpol)

musicforthemorningafter  (Pete Yorn)

It’s Blitz!  (Yeah Yeah Yeahs)

Neon Bible  (Arcade Fire)

Boxer  (The National)

Our Endless Numbered Days  (Iron & Wine)

Parachutes  (Coldplay)

Hot Fuss  (The Killers)

The Runaway Found  (The Veils)


OK, so what’d I miss?




  1. ChristianAugust 9, 2014

    The Marshall Mathers LP – Eminem
    A Rush of Blood to the Head – Coldplay

  2. ChristianAugust 9, 2014

    Actually, it’s a toss up for me between “The Eminem Show” and “The Marshall Mathers LP.” I might lean more towards “The Eminem Show.”

    Also, what about Hot Fuss by The Killers? That has to be on any list from that time period.

    I would also personally include Oracular Spectacular by MGMT.

  3. ChristianAugust 9, 2014

    Oh, never mind. You included Hot Fuss. My bad.

  4. JasonAugust 9, 2014

    I never got the whole Eminem thing, but.

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