Anarchist Theology

This is adapted from Misfit Faith, ch. 6: “Too Good to be False (Or, Religion is a Fairy Tale)” Politically and economically speaking, I am pretty much an anarchist. Now before you start flipping out about how society needs organization and oversight, I would urge you to relax, unclench, and understand that as a theory, […]

Bourbon, Sex, and Magic

This is an excerpt from Misfit Faith, chapter 6: “Too Good to be False (Or, Religion is a Fairy Tale)” We all know the story of Cinderella: Oppressed and despised stepchild wants to join her stepsisters at the royal ball, but she can’t because she has nothing to wear (Hashtag, WhitePeopleProblems). So what happens? A […]

God is Weak

Excerpt from Misfit Faith, chapter 5: “Shit Happens (Or, The Excruciating Disruption of Power”)   “How could a loving God give people cancer?” It’s a really good question, and before we address it we would do well to remind ourselves that a healthy dose of agnosticism and humility at the prospect of defending God or […]