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So Now What?

Posted by on Nov 10, 2016 in Culture War, Donald Trump, Homepage, Politics, Power, Protest, Questioning Authority, Rebellion | 0 comments

So that happened, and my side lost. (Well technically, my side lost when the DNC conspired against Bernie in order to coronate an establishment moderate hawk, but I digress.) So what now?  On the one hand I could stomp my feet, wring my hands on social media, or join one of the very secessionist movements like #Calexit that I mock when they originate in places like Mississippi. (But then, California is the sixth largest economy in the world while Mississippi’s entire cash reserve can fit in one of the state’s ubiquitous double-wides. And Mississippexit doesn’t exactly roll of the tongue.) Or—and try to stick with me here—I can just accept that democracy doesn’t always go my way. I mean, the Left had their guy in office for eight years (although he was never my guy). How did we respond...

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You Have the Right Duty to Remain Silent

Posted by on Apr 11, 2016 in Culture War, Homepage, Humanity, Humor, Political Correctness, Questioning Authority, Racism, Worldviews | 7 comments

There once was a time in this country when “political correctness” was something that only people on the Right complained about: “Why do the Redskins have to change their team’s name?”; “Wait, ‘colored’ is all of a sudden off limits?”; “So now we can’t say ‘midget’ anymore?” No, you can’t. And you’d better not opt for “People McNuggets” either. . . . (That, by the way, is a case in point: I seriously debated whether or not to include that line above because it is potentially offensive to little people (I think that’s what we’re supposed to call them now). But the thing is, it’s also funny. Come on, admit it. It got a snicker out of you at least, perhaps even a chortle.) But the PC issue is no longer ruffling the feathers of conservatives only, but people on...

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Fake Plastic Selves

Posted by on Jun 16, 2015 in Culture, G.K. Chesterton, God, Homepage, Humanity, Masks, Power, Protest, Questioning Authority, Rebellion, Thomas Merton, Worldviews | 19 comments

One of the most unfortunate phrases in the English language is “He’s only human.” The assumption lurking behind it is that humanity is akin to weakness, like a crutch, and is therefore something to be ashamed of. I touch on this in the book I am currently writing: A proper Christology reminds us that receiving heavenly grace does not force upon us an entirely new operating system or delete everything on our human hard drive, but affirms all the good stuff that we have downloaded previously (even providing the occasional update when necessary).   I am reminded of G.K. Chesterton’s response to those who would seek to dismiss the Church’s liturgical feasts and festivals due to their being of pagan cultic origin: “They might as well say that our legs are of pagan origin. Nobody ever disputed that humanity was...

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Nobody Puts Brody in a Corner

Posted by on Mar 23, 2015 in God, Homepage, Questioning Authority, Rebellion, That's Me in the Corner | 19 comments

As some of you know, I have been working on a novel called That’s Me in the Corner  for a few years now, off and on (once this Random House book is finished I will dedicate myself to this more seriously, with the hope of finishing it this year).  The protagonist, based loosely on me, is called Brody Graham (his Facebook page can be found here — please Like and Share!). He is a young man who is in the process of outgrowing the evangelical expression of Christianity that he grew up with and has become an official spokesman for.  I have been wondering lately whether Brody’s story should span more than just one volume (I know, typical of a writer to start his next novel before finishing his current one). If the first book ends, as it does, with Brody “losing...

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Lucifer in 2016!

Posted by on Mar 9, 2015 in America, Culture War, God, Guns, Homepage, Money, Politics, Pop Culture, Power, Questioning Authority, Rapture, Work, Worldviews, Xenophobia | 0 comments

During a recent episode of Drunk Ex-Pastors  I made the point that I would welcome a presidential candidate who made no claims to being religious, since then I might actually have someone I’d consider voting for.  Think about it: If a candidate is an outspoken Christian he will almost certainly: (1) desire to defund as many state programs for the poor as possible; (2) turn away as many destitute people from our borders as he can, children included; (3) need the slimmest of reasons necessary before engaging in military action, action which will probably have some ulterior motive beyond the stated one; (4) fight against raising the minimum wage; (5) seek to deregulate corporations’ freedom to do whatever they want since they’re “people”; (6) deny climate change since it snowed this winter; (7) fight against reasonable gun legislation; and (8)...

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On Pee-Pees and Hoo-Haws

Posted by on Oct 7, 2014 in Culture War, Disease, Education, Homepage, Questioning Authority, Sex, Sex Education, Worldviews | 5 comments

In episode #10 of Drunk Ex-Pastors, Christian and I discuss the thorny issue of sex education. Now to be honest, I have not actually listened back to it myself, so I don’t remember exactly what I said on the matter. I’ll take a stab at re-presenting some of my thoughts, and you can feel free to push back and challenge them. My main concern is that I am uncomfortable with something of such monumental significance being taught to my children by a P.E. teacher (true story in my case). This kind of education should be happening primarily in the home, with outside sources reinforcing what mom or dad is already communicating. Secondly, what if (that’s hypothetical language, by the way) a family’s values don’t match up with a school’s? For example, what if a parent doesn’t think that sex should...

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Thank God for Hell!

Posted by on Oct 1, 2014 in God, Hell, Homepage, Questioning Authority | 20 comments

During episode #9 of Drunk Ex-Pastors we fielded a provocative question we received via Twitter: “Since neither Jesus, nor Paul, nor the early church fathers displayed the kind of urgency that a belief in hell as a place of eternal torment would seem to necessitate, is it possible that there is something wrong with the paradigm that insists that hell is in fact a place of eternal torment?” During the podcast, Christian made an interesting point about how upset many evangelicals get when it is suggested to them that their theory of hell is wrong. They clench their fists and dig their heels, as if the suggestion that God might not  spend eternity waterboarding people were actually bad news. What do you think? Do you have an opinion about hell? Or, why do you think the traditional view of hell is...

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Racism: For Whites Only?

Posted by on Sep 26, 2014 in America, Culture War, Homepage, Power, Protest, Questioning Authority, Racism | 14 comments

In Drunk Ex-Pastors podcast #8, one of the topics we discuss is racism. Jason brings up a quote from the first season of MTV’s The Real World  where Kevin Powell (a black cast member) is accused of racism and in response says, “Black people cannot be racist. We don’t have the power to control. . . .” At first hearing, I dismissed Kevin’s statement as ignorant. After all, racism, to me (a white male), means considering someone to be inferior in some way simply because of their race. While this is a  valid definition of racism, it’s not the only  definition of racism and not even the main  definition. A quick search through the various definitions of racism will show that racism also  has to do with the exercise of power. The first definition for “racism” on is...

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What Did Jesus Drink?

Posted by on Sep 9, 2014 in Addiction, Alcohol, Homepage, Moderation, Prohibition, Questioning Authority | 2 comments

Should a Christian drink alcohol? Simple answer: What did Jesus do? I mean, this isn’t even what would Jesus do! There’s no speculation here. It’s simply “What Did Jesus Do?” He drank. He even drank enough to be accused of being a “wine-bibber,” which I believe is first century speak for “alcoholic.” He himself said, “The Son of Man came eating and drinking…” and in the context “drinking” refers to alcohol. On top of that, his first miracle was turning water into wine at a party. At a party. A party where people were drunk. And it was good wine, too! Now, don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of reasons not to drink. Perhaps it’s an addiction for you. Perhaps your body doesn’t process alcohol well. Perhaps drinking makes you angry. All good reasons not to drink. However,...

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Podcast #3

Posted by on Aug 23, 2014 in Beauty, Culture War, God, Homepage, Humor, Justin Bieber, Podcasts, Pop Culture, Power, Questioning Authority | 0 comments

Our new episode of Drunk Ex-Pastors  is now available for download and stream. In this edition of the podcast, Christian explains the “Ice Bucket Challenge” to me (call me cray cray, but it’s not apparent to me how pouring ice water over my head will help cure a disease); we soften our stance on the Michael Brown shooting a tad; we argue about whether more than one church-goer in 100,000 actually believes the things he claims to; Christian continues his complaint about air travel, this time focusing on overly-talkative slash voyeuristic travelers sitting next to him, and I accidentally (but kind of on purpose) endorse Huxley’s description of dystopic culture, except it’s not stupid people at the bottom of the food-chain, it’s unkempt ones. Oh, and we each consign the other to hell several times....

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