Lucifer in 2016!

During a recent episode of Drunk Ex-Pastors  I made the point that I would welcome a presidential candidate who made no claims to being religious, since then I might actually have someone I’d consider voting for.  Think about it: If a candidate is an outspoken Christian he will almost certainly: (1) desire to defund as many […]

What Biebers Me: Ideological Xenophobia

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll note that I have made a few changes around here, one of which is the new tagline: Culture / Politics / Religion / Bieber. Why “Bieber”? Well, I was  toying with the idea of actually writing a weekly post about the annoying little Canadian, but decided instead to treat […]

Lessons in Humanity from My Hippie Uncle

Words and Art by Amanda I credit my uncle with giving me a conscience regarding social issues. Before becoming Fundamentalists, my parents named him, my father’s brother and the only Democrat, hippie, vegetarian, nature loving, travel the world on foot, humanitarian, please-donate-to-Unicef-as-my-Christmas-present male in the family, as my godfather. I am eternally grateful for this […]