Thoughts on the Good Book

As you may know, the Misfit Faith podcast is doing a series on the Bible titled “Thoughts on the Good Book,” and my guests so far have been Brad Jersak and Jared Byas. In the spirit of this series I’d like to briefly set forth a few propositions for the consideration of anyone who is […]

The Departing Glory from a Rotten Church

Since receiving a set of Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s works for Christmas I have been doing some thinking. As you may know, Bonhoeffer was a German theologian executed by the Nazis toward the end of the Second World War, and one of his most important contributions has been his suggestion that what was needed in his own […]

Subverting Sin and Guilt

In this week’s episode of Misfit Faith I will tackle the subject of guilt. It’s a big one. In my own past as a missionary and pastor, guilt was operative on both a personal and theological level. Theologically, the idea doing most of the heavy lifting was that I was born in sin, and from […]